Friday 1 August 2014

August Paper Piecing BOM '14

August already.... you know what that means....

Its time for the "In the Garden" Block of the Month - Yaaaay!

This month is only one block pattern - again 12" (30cm) and on the Intermediate Level now. By now some of our beginner 'paper piecers' will have had a chance at learning this skill and improving it too.

Lets meet Mr August - a sweet little "Squirrel".
We don't see any of these sweet little creatures here in our gardens, but if you go further into the bush or to the reserve, then you see a lot more of them.

The only really small bits are his eye, and that's not even a hard one on this pattern.

This is a little grey squirrel, but they do have a lot of beige looking fur as well. Your choice, you can make it purple if you'd like......

 Sorry I got so into making this one in a hurry that I only stopped to take a photo when I was finished. Not to worry the instructions are clear and I've finally figured out how to add a 2inch sizer on the pattern page so that you will know if it prints out properly.... Live and learn!


The squirrel is holding something to eat in his paws. Tooo stinkin' cute!!

I hope you all enjoy making this one.

The block is available in my Craftsy Shop for FREE for August.
Links are in the PP BoM page too
Please send a photo to the Flickr group and we can all drool over them.. Thanks

Please go and have a look at Kathy's blog  (Qreative Quilts)and how she put her BOM together.... Really amazing!


Starting Today! 1 August (only because it also falls on a FriDay) 

I'm starting up a
 Paper Piecing Party Link-Up.

 My only other link up on a Friday for paper piecers has shut down :( so I'm going to jump on in and start up my own...

We will also be linking up each Friday with something you have made or even designed, as long as it relates....

Please join me and spread the word far and wide...


Vera said...

Nice squirrel and I at least spread the word about your linky.

Mary Huey said...

great block -- wish I like squirrels better -- my yard is a magnet for them between the oak trees and the bird feeders.

Lara B. said...

Janeen I LOVE your squirrel and you did an excellent job with him! My kids tease me because I have a squirrel salt and pepper collection, I would get a lot of laughs if I made a little tote with this pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Alexandra said...

so lovely. I have a questions to the link party, today I had post my new york beauty block, Can I link this post?