Monday, 1 September 2014

BOM September '14

Block of the Month - September

Today we have another beautiful block for our "In the Garden" theme. This is our 11th Block....

This time its a Dog and Koi Fish
This nosey dog is poking his nose into the Koi Pond and is maybe getting more than he bargained on...

This is how we get started - cutting our pieces, joining 2 of them, and then laying out the puzzle.

I like to make groups of the pieces where I know they will be sewn together.

Then its just a matter of choosing your fabric pieces and lets go........

These Koi fishes are usually red, orange, black and white - so it is up to you to decide on how your fish will look. The beige areas I added were to look like the white bits that are under the water.
The water is just full of shadows and movement, so you can play around with the fabrics a little.

Then it was the dog's turn. Here you can go any colour you like. I chose a beige/golden colour because I wanted it to look more like a German Shepherd, but .... well, its a dog......

The side of the pond I used a green with small vines on to look like moss growing on the sides.

The brown in the water is the dog's shadow on the water.

This is my finished block of the Dog and Koi Fish -

A close up of the Faces and the noses

The block is available in my Craftsy Shop for FREE for September...

Links are in the PP BoM page too

Please send a photo to the Flickr group and we can all drool over them.. Thanks


Today was to be my turn for the Blog around the World as well -
 but I want to rather re-direct you to another cool blog -  
ipatchandquilt in the Netherlands (Esther),   
and ask you to come back to me on the 8 September.

I just have soooo much going on this week that I need to post on and finish and I don't want to squeeze it in somewhere and no-one will read any of it......
Thanks for understanding.....

Our Art Quilt - Quiet Landscape will be up on the blog tomorrow - Tuesday.... thanks!


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Mary Huey said...

Delightful design!!

Vera said...

Take your time Janeen! Fun block as usual ;)

Kathy said...

Can't wait to tackle this block :) Thanks!!!

Sharon said...

Brings back memories of my walks with my grandmother. As a child we would walk to the neighbor's fish pond. :-)

dq said...

I enjoy seeing your foundation pieced patterns. You are talented.

Maartje Quilt said...

So beautiful!!!!!