Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WiP Wed

What are you all up to this Wednesday?

Here in SA we have a public holiday today - Heritage Day. The children are with their parents at the primary school over the road and we can all hear them singing - Voortrekker songs!! oh my good grief! Nuff said!

This week is a blur of sewing, cutting, planning and getting all things ready...
From Sunday 28 Sept till 5 Oct I will be on holiday. 

We are all going to the game reserve (Kruger Park) and although I can still take my iPad with me, I need to finish everything and pack by Saturday...I will also be able to blog a few photos for all to see some of those amazing animals, just hope we have good internet coverage...

Our BoM for October will all be ready and pre-loaded onto Craftsy and made into a draft here on blogger, and hopefully it will just be a push of a button and we will all still be on track...

This is a small preview of what's waiting for all of you still following along with me.

I'm also finishing up with all the editing on the magazine so that everyone will still
receive their issue 3.

This week Friday I will also send out 2 weeks of the Art Quilt QAL patterns so that you can all go ahead and make the pieces.
I will just have to catch up when I get back home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Janeen! This looks Super! Looking for to see more about your BOM October! x Teje

Ruth said...

Looks like a sleepy cat - so comfy even in pieces

Vera said...

You are so busy. Enjoy your vacation!