Wednesday, 1 October 2014

BOM October

OH WOW! Today is already October...
This means it's the last in this year's Block of the Month for "In the Garden"...

If you have been faithfully following along and even made each and every block then 

if you gave it a try and made a few then GOOD FOR YOU!!
just looking ..... then NICE OF YOU!!

all others   -   we've been having fun.... maybe next time?

October's Block
Sleepy Cat

 This block is 12" (30cm) and on the Intermediate hard level

This is the close up of the cat's face. His eye is totally impossible to make. I left the design lines there so that you can at least see where to draw on a sleeping eye with a permanent pen or sew on the eye later.

The pattern puts together easily  and has 4 segments that eventually get sewn together.

 This is my Sleepy Cat Block -
I will fix the stupid mistake of the rock....aaaargh - it happens......

 Let's go over our Line Up for this past year:


January's Blocks

You didn't have to make both -
it was up to you

February's Blocks

You needed to make both of these

That little Humming bird is really the darling of most people...

March's Block

The Birdhouse with cute blue bird ornament was really sweet.

April's Block

A gorgeous Sunflower block = looks a lot harder but was pretty straight forward

May's Block

A lovely ceramic Fish Bowl somewhere around a corner in the garden

June's Block

A girl in a hammock reading in the garden
Really pretty

July's Block

There were 2 blocks to make -
a Tulips block and a lovely
Bea Eater Birds block

August Block

A cute garden Squirrel

September's Block

A nosey dog smelling the Koi Fish in the pond

October's Block

A sleepy cat on the garden bench

Here are my blocks on the design wall. I decided to use both trees blocks and take out the Squirrel block. Once I've stared at it enough, I will get the final layout and then just make them into a 3x4 Art Quilt. For now I need to have a rest....

The block is available in my Craftsy Shop for FREE for October...

Links are in the PP BoM page too

Please send a photo to the Flickr group and we can all drool over them

Thanks to everyone who took part, gave encouragement, shared their photos, and shared the love...
 Love you all.

Next year we start all over again.....
I'm thinking - Ocean... 

Before we go...

Today is also the new issue of Paper Piecing 1/4" Digital Magazine... Festive Season

Check it out


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a sweet kitty! Thanks for another great block!

Ruth said...

They look fabulous together! Love the sleepy pose.

Julianne said...

How on earth did I miss this whole QAL? I am so bummed! Do the patterns come all together in a bundle?

Karabeta said...

Gorgeous, I'm stunned!

Belinda said...

I've kept up until last month. I wound up putting it off due to the intensity of the design and other pressing projects, and then I came down with Bronchitis and didn't feel like sewing. If one of the blocks needs to be left out for it to be an even numbered quilt, for me it will either be the Dog and Fish, or the Cat. I'll have to make up my mind on that one, but I've so enjoyed this QAL!! I really look forward to the Ocean theme because I'm obsessed with the beach and my bedroom and master bath is in a beachy theme. Can't wait for that! Thank you for your generosity, in making the designs free for us who participated and for all the instruction and help. I know I've had a blast!