Wednesday, 29 October 2014

WiP Wed.

The past 2 weeks feels like a WiP - everything moving at snail pace - no other way!

I must show my Sew Sweet blocks (from Joanna at Shape Moth) that I've finished -

This is where it all started for me -
what a cute 'cupcake'.

I just love Joanna's patterns...

Then I added the great looking 'donut'

Now the amazing 'milkshake' has joined the group

All blocks measure 10" (25cm) and are on the intermediate level.

This is where we are at the moment. (Other kitchen blocks by Quiet Play).  

The last red block with cups is almost there. Like I said, everything at snail pace. After that, the lovely 'hot chocolate' block and we are done. I really think the sew sweet desert blocks has pulled this mini quilt out of the doldrums. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to finish the blocks, but now, I'm actually excited about it again.....

Have a good Wednesday!

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Lorna McMahon said...

Love where this is going, Janeen! Such a fun looking quilt in progress!

Jeneta said...

They look fantastic all together! I like the combination of the Sew Sweet blocks with Kristy's - great idea!

Vera said...

Cool, it is making nice combo together. I can't wait to see it finished ;)