Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fun on Tuesday!

I wanted to show you all something I've been working on. I saw a cute bag something like this on google+ the other day but the blog site had no instructions to follow, only photos.

Anyhoo,  I made myself / my daughter a cute box bag too.

I had to draw it out on a page and then wing it from there -

the sides were basically just a block with 2 pieces and then 2 long handles added. The handles need to be inserted before you sew the top and bottom together.
(ask me how I know this now??) LOL!

The other side looks exactly the same.

The plain green with a zip is (the size of the side + top + side + seam allowances on both sides.)
The patterned green strip is also the same measurement  but without cutting it in two for the zip. Then I trimmed it to look neater and even.

I then sewed the middle strip onto the sides of the bag and matched it to the middle where the fabric change happens.

This was actually the only sewing I done with my machine on this little bag.

This is the lining of the bag that I had to work out on paper first.

After cutting up batting and hand sewing it into my bag - on the seams and extra onto the bottom, I hand stitched the lining into the bag.

I guess I done it this way so that I could sit/lie on the couch and do it and not work my angry back nerves up.....

I suppose you could sew up the lining into a little bag and then just insert it into the bag and then attach it by hand along the zip area.


I even made a little pocket onto the lining - 'cause every little bag needs one...

And there you have it - a little box bag.

It measures about 6".

I haven't decided if I want the handles to be stitched down yet... still deciding...

Not bad for no pattern...

Have a good Tuesday everyone...

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Kat Scribner said...

Great bag, and determination seems to work thru these complicated projects!

A Quilter's Mission said...

Very nice design. I'm impressed that you could figure it all out with only photos to go on. Congrats!