Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday's News

Hello, hope you're all well...

I wanted to show something that I started a while ago - Mini Autumn Harvest Quilt.

Each block measures 10,5" (25cm) and is really very easy.

Once I've completed the quilt I will put all 9 blocks into one "free book" with instructions. The mini quilt is not paper pieced (WHAT!!) and is made up of old traditional blocks.

So far I've made 7 blocks and now slowly but surely I'll be completing the rest.

That's Monday for you...

Thanks to everyone who linked up on Friday -
I was wondering - do you like to receive a 'surprise' pattern or do you prefer to just choose something yourselves??

Our Friday winner: Link #2 - Medea  (design of your daughter is awesome!)
Let me know..... thanx!

Don't forget to visit my Pattern Shop here on the blog too!

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Lisa Marie said...

Congrats to Medea, the design was definitely awesome! As to your question, if I should be lucky enough to win I love getting to choose a pattern, so I can choose something that fits my skills and interests. Thanks so much for hosting the link-ups, I've seen some amazing things each and every week!

Vera said...

You are full of surprises, lol.

Joy said...

I have been lucky enough to win one of your patterns and I really appreciated being able to pick a pattern that I could incorporate into a family quilt I have planned. I'm really looking forward to your next block of the month quilt.

Jayne said...

It's going to be beautiful! I love seeing the traditional!

Kathy said...

Love the way this is coming along!