Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WiP Wednesday...

Wow, I have actually already caught up on all my work and blocks I had to finish!! Yaay! It just shows you what a holiday can do for you...

I want to show you a few other designs I also have been working on and a few are already in my Craftsy shop.

Before we get there - I would like to draw your attention to something I have also finished -
My Pattern Shop - here on my blogsite. It replaces all the old galleries and images I had and now it also is a direct link to the pattern in my Craftsy Shop too.... Tooo Coool!

The page is on the header bar above... Take a look - everything is sorted into Categories and is alphabetical. The Free patterns are also there. Every time I add to my shop it will update and be available immediately. Wonderful!!!

Now lets have a look at a few new patterns -

 The Parrot is a large size:
30 x 24" and is on the advanced intermediate level.
This would make a fantastic wall hanging.
Category - Birds

The Arum Lilies are 12 x 18" and also on the Intermediate Level.
category - flowers

This is "Cat and Pumpkin" and just in time for something for Halloween.

This pattern measures 18" and is on the intermediate level.

Category - Halloween


Our Circle of geese is on the easy intermediate level and measures 12"(30cm)

Category - Geese

The cute Scarecrow Girl is 12" (30cm) and on the easy intermediate level.
Category - Thanksgiving

The Snowflake pattern measures 12"(30cm) and is on the easy intermediate level.

 Category - Christmas

The "Leaf" is an Easy level pattern and measures 6" (16cm).

Category -Traditional

 That's it for today. I have a few commissions to finish, so I need to get cracking!

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Kelsey Boes said...

The Arum Lilies are gorgeous.

dwight wintersgill said...

You are making me crazy....not enough hours in the day. Do you thiink we could expand it to 36 hours a day?

Vicki in MN said...

Awesome patterns, but the lilies really drew my attention!

Vera said...

What a fun new patterns! I love your latest parrot and snowflake. Well done with updating!

Maartje Quilt said...

What a fun patterns, but for me too the lilies are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Love from Amsterdam

Belinda said...

Oh my, the bird is wonderful! And Calla Lilies are my favorite flower so those really rock!!

Kathy said...

Nice job on your pattern shop. Love it!