Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday's - yeah!

Hello - and it's already Monday! can you believe it. This month's in a hurry.

This whole week I need to sit down and design a new block of the month. No new off on a tangent and making something - just quickly - NO! now I need to focus!

To give you something to work on in the meantime, I made a small 

I'm not going to show what the design is of, just give the pattern pieces and the colour codes.
The rest will be up to you. I will add a link up for the Mystery Blocks and we can all see who got it right.....

Only if you want to........
No pressure...

Download Free Mystery block pattern HERE

Link your answer here 


Our Link-Up winner from Friday...

Link #5 
Domestic Deficit Disorder
(let me know which pattern (value up to $5) and I will send you your prize)

Thanks all for linking up - I love to see all of your work.


beaquilter said...

oh fun mystery! hmm have no clue what it is, only make one?

Vera said...

Oh, mystery block what a fun idea!

Melissa Meinhard said...

Will this be a part of a larger project, or is this a one off? I'm so excited to see what it is, I'm trying to think what I will make when it is finished