Monday, 9 March 2015

Bitty Block #4

Good Morning!

Today is our Itty Bitty Block day - and we have a bit of a challenge.
We're making - "Grumpy Cat" (4" - 10cm)

This cute but grumpy looking cat can always make me smile. I just love the things people add to the photos - really funny!

This one looks as if he is saying - "Mondays  - I cancelled it!"

I hope you have fun making your bitty block. My block turned out great. Just watch the lining up - I was just a little off on the white part over the nose.

The free pattern can be downloaded from the Bitty Block Page.
Our Friday Link-Up winner - Link #4
Let me know and I'll send you your prize.
I love all of your work Ladies, Thanx so much for joining in. :D

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