Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Week 2 QAL Forest Art Quilt

Today is our Week 2 pieces for the 
Forest Quilt-a-Long

I hope you are all excited to get going on this again...

 Today we will be adding the first of the trees with little birds and animals hiding.

I laid out my pieces and once more decided where I would add a darker green to my tree. I only marked those colours - because I'm going to be spontaneous with the other colours.

I also found the bird and the lizard and marked those the colour I was going to use.

This is my finished first and second block - also a little of the third, but for now I want you to notice that the first and second piece join together.

My bird was fine with the purple fabrics but the very light green behind him bothers me a little - I think with such a dark right next to it - so think about your colour choices before hand.......

My lizard on the bottom is also maybe a little dark, but its fun to find them once all the quilt is done.

I hope you enjoy planning and making the Week 2 pattern pieces.

Our Quilt-a-Long is only on the second week - so anyone who feels that they would love to join us - now is your time..... I think up to week 4 it will be possible to quickly catch up, but after that you're going to have to want to do this independently.

Joining up to the Forest Quilt-A-Long   INFO - HERE

Have a great Wednesday!!

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thequiltedcat said...

Hi, I love this forest QAL. I just send you a payment so I can join (even though I'm a little late, hopefully I can catch up!), Thanks!