Friday, 13 March 2015

Paper Piecing Party #10

Hello and Welcome!
Today is our 
Paper Piecing Link-Up Party
and all because its

The Week-End!

Time to drag out those designs, blocks or whatever it is you've been furiously busy with - as long as its paper pieced. We'd all love to have a look!

This is my cute cat - Peeping around the corner. (did change the colour to protect his identity)

Its amazing that this is such a "game" in our house. If you see Mr Frank walking down the passage then stick your head out of the room where you are hiding (once should be enough) and then just silently wait. He's sooooo nosey! he must invesigate... he'll slowly peep around the door - just to make sure there's nothing too scarey, then sit on his side of the door. If you stick your head out slowly again - showing only an eye and then hiding again, he will do the same- this could go on for a while. It's sooo funny. Eventually he will just get bored and waltz into the room and look at you with those, "that's enough now lady" look. Always makes me laugh.

This cute cat block is 12"(30cm) Intermediate level and already boarding over at Craftsy.

 This was a version of the pattern done in EQ7 - I love the idea of making this one with unusual fabrics. I must go on a "hunt" for some with words on it just like the image.

I thinks its time....
Time for a shop I thinks......

 Link Up your blocks, visit a few, leave some FPP love.....

Have an amazing week-end!

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Kristin said...

Cutest. Quilt. EVER!

Vera said...

Another cute and fun pattern!

lefuntz said...

So cute! Our cat likes to open cabinets to see what is inside. She never closes them either. I tried to teach her what happens to curious cats but she is 18 years old now so that is a lost cause.

Shari said...

Oh, I so love this cat. What a hoot! The most fun thing my cat does, is come when I call him. He can be asleep upstairs, and so I must call him a few times, but I'll say "come on Harpo, it's bedtime...or mommy's in bed...or come snuggle" and thud, pat pat he comes and jumps up onto the bed and is there for the night. Coolest cat I've ever had!

Rosa said...

Great party and your cat pattern is fabulous!

Angie in SoCal said...

Such a cute kitty! Love it.

Teje said...

Hi Janeen! I can imagine your cat looking behind the corner like this fantastic paper pieced cat! This could be easily our Nelli. x Teje

Lois said...

Is you foundation pieced pattern available for purchase. I just came across it in Pinterest.