Monday, 2 March 2015

March BOM '15 Oceans - Manta Ray

Hello and welcome!

Today is our 3rd Block of the Month with the Oceans theme:

This month we will be making this beautiful Giant Manta Ray - 14" (37cm)

These beautiful creatures always fascinate me with their large "wings" and how they seem to be flying in the water. I have tried to create the sun shining onto the water and the different colour blues that seem to radiate outwards getting darker as the ocean gets deeper with shards of light coming down from above.
The corals in the foreground can be made with different colour fabrics to give it a beautiful vibrant effect.

As usual - I lay out my pattern onto my desk so that I can get a good visual idea of what I need to do. 

I made a colour chart for myself with all the different blues I could find and then the greys too.

I wrote the colour number (this time) onto the segments of the pattern so that I can remember which I need where....

The software does ask if I want to add the colour numbers in small squares onto the pattern - which sounds ideal....
but!! those small squares with the colour numbers are so in the way and sometimes you can't see the lines to sew onto.
Besides, now you get to choose which colour you want.

I eventually decided that I don't like colour #4 in my lineup and I went with colour #3 in all the #3 and #4 segments.
You can go with what you have... Its your block - you decide.

Look at all those bright colour corals and rocks on the sea bed. You can go with whatever you like too.

The cream colour for the Manta Ray's stomach turned out to be fun - a little pattern never hurt anyone...

I didn't have enough of #2 fabric so I had to use a darker aqua colour as well. Not a train smash. The ocean water has so many colour in it, I feel it works fine.

This is my finished Manta Ray 14" - I think the blue batik fabric was a good choice. I just love it!

As usual the Block of the Month will be FREE for the month it is released and you can all find it in my Craftsy shop.

Click on the image below or in the BoM Page and it will take you directly to the pattern

I hope you all have loads of fun making this block of the Manta Ray.

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Belinda said...

Oh Wow! Can't wait to start on this beauty! Thanks Janeen!!

Anonymous said...

He's so majestic! Downloading now :D

Vera said...

Oh. I'm fascinated by them as well. I could just watch them for hours. Such a beautiful creatures and nice pattern!

Yellow Bird Stitches said...

Another fun pattern to look forward to! I'm behind in my sewing, but this is going to the top of the project list.

Cathy said...

I'm a relatively new follower as I just discovered your blog at the end of last month. I'm a huge paper piecing fan and wanted to tell you that I think your designs are gorgeous. I wish I'd caught this one at the beginning as my daughter wants to be a large animal vet and anything to do with animals, she is all over. Thanks for sharing your creativity and patterns.