Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday's News

What a week-end! Just really busy.....

I've managed to finish the new Issue #5 of the Paper Piecing Magazine for April to June '15. YAAAY!

I was asked to design a Great White Shark block for someone and this is the finished design - This block is 20" big.

I'm thinking of adding it to my Craftsy shop as well, but maybe a little smaller size (14")?? 

And now, thank heavens the end of the month projects are almost at an end, I still need to design a whole set of snowflakes for another person.


Our week-end Link up winner:  Link #4 
Let me know and I'll send you a pattern of your choice.

Have a great Monday!


Mtclifford said...

Wow! That is excellent! I see a very cool "Jaws" quilt made from that guy.

beaquilter said...

magazine looks great.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shark.


Vera said...

whoa, what a design! I also like those lady bugs :)