Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Challenge Block

Here it is!

My Hasenbach block for March for

Ive made the CRAB (8" - 20 cm)
Really quick to put together. Lots of FUN!

Unfortunately once I got to the last pieces, I found I had no more of the beige background. No problem. I will just have to be creative when the Sea Life Quilt gets sewn together.

Patterns are from Claudia Hassenbach (HERE)

Have a great Tuesday!


The Forest QAL will be on the blog tomorrow - Wednesday

**  The Paper Piecing Magazine will be having a Birthday Giveaway - Wednesday

The BOM Oceans on the blog - Thursday

The Beg BOM on the blog - Friday - with the Link up!

Just soooo many things waiting in line for the end of the month.....


Cattinka said...

I like your crab, you can do a little bit more quilting on the lighter backround fabric, and all will be fine.

Deborah @Patchwork Atelier said...

Lovely crab!
GLG, Deborah

legato1958 said...

Love your crabby!! just a thought..... you could paint lightly/dab with tea bag the beige fabric, to blend it in closer to the background fabric...... the old fashioned tea stain trick!
Lots of exciting things going on this week!!!

frstborn said...

You are sooooo talented with colors! Green with envy! :)

Janeen van Niekerk said...

I'm going to give it a try.

Janeen van Niekerk said...


Cathy Melancon said...

Wow, Janeen!! Really cute crab!! You are so dang talented!! I look forward to the next forest block! I have to confess that I haven't started on mine yet, but hope to this weekend!! Thanks for all you do for us!!!

Sandra said...

Your crab looks gorgeous, I love the green fabrics!

Käthe said...

Beautiful, sew pretty !