Wednesday 22 April 2015

Week 8 Forest QAL

Hello and Welcome 

to the Week 8 

Forest Quilt A Long update

This week we will put together another of the trees and be sewing all the sections together.
We are already 3/4 of our way through this Art Quilt. I hope you are still all enjoying the whole experience.

As usual I laid out the pieces of my puzzle and decided which little triangles would be dark and which would be lighter.

I also looked for the bird and the fat mouse in the tree so that I could mark them and their colours.

After making the sections and joining them, it was time to join the larger sections together as well.
This is the close up of the fat mouse in the tree. 
The darker part of the mouse is his tail.

Once the tree was finished, I had to join it into week 7. As you can remember, I left a little opening on the seam, so it was easy to join the tree from week 8 to the week 7 section with the moon and tree top. Once that was joined, I folded over my piece and joined the straight seam connecting the two bigger trees together.

This is a close up of the birds and a fat mouse in the trees all gathered together....

This is the Forest Art Quilt so far with week 7 and 8 all joined together.
I made my sky in the background a darker colour, because I had made the week 4 and 5 pieces of the moon in a light grey. If yours shows a Sun and the daylight, then you might want to go a lighter colour fabric.

I hope you enjoy putting your Forest together too!!

ALSO:    I have a small photo tutorial on how to manage the tricky angles in Paper Piecing


Steffi said...

Traumhaft schön, ich habe nur leider immer noch nicht angefangen!
Liebe Grüße

Lorna McMahon said...

Your art quilt is coming along nicely, Janeen. Those animals and birds in the trees are so cute!

Dorian said...

Wow, what an interesting quilt. There is so much going on. Very cool.

~Diana said...

I really like this~and I checked out all of your!

Ruth said...

Fantastic, love all the animals in the trees and the flying geese is great!

Renee said...

Very neat pattern! Looks like fun to pick fabrics for and put together.