Monday, 20 April 2015

Marsala Mail Organizer

Today I'm showing my

 Marsala Mail Organizer 

because I've finally decided to enter it into the 2015 Pantone Challeng
that is being held over at On The Windy Side

My mail organizer is 14 x 18" (36 x 46 cm) and will be entered into the Mini Quilt Category

I started out with these ideas for the pockets - and also the ideas for the layout.

I decided on the smaller organizer because it just looked so much cuter...

The front pockets were done with paper piecing patterns I designed for the organizer.

I went to the Pantone website and looked up what colours they suggested would go with the wine colour Marsala and all the colours that I used are those suggestions.

I decided on the lighter Marsala colour in polka dots for the background and darker for the pockets and envelopes.

The layout was pretty simple but really striking with the bold pops of colour.

Once the layout was finalized, I joined the pockets and then sewed a thin backing fabric onto them.

The pockets were joined to the back and then the strips for the sides were added which held everything in place.

I didn't have a pattern to work off, I just "winged" it to get it how I would like to see it.

Once they were joined, I sewed lines into the pockets to separate them and also into the pencil pocket to hold my pens without them falling to one side all the time.

The backing on, quilting done, I also made a sleeve for it to be able to hang up with a dowel stick.

A closer look at the quilting done onto the top, middle and bottom.

The sides got a petal looking pattern.

the back of the organizer has the same fabric as the front.

This is the finished Marsala mail organizer  - Taa Daa!!

The links to upload are open at the moment, as soon as the voting starts I'll ask you to go and spread some love.....



Our Friday paper piecing party link winner = Link #10
Let me know and I will send you a free pattern (value up to $5)
Thank you to everyone for joining in!


Sew Surprising said...

I really like the Marsala colour, as it really does play well with so many other colours :)

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

What a great mail organiser. I've found Marsala difficult to pin down, but your project certainly fits the bill, Thank you for linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday.

Anne said...

What a super fun design! Great use of marsala with those bold pops of color, as well. :)