Friday 17 April 2015

Paper Piecing Party #15

Today is Friday

Friday means - Party!

Its our Friday Paper Piecing Party!

What have you been working on, designing, frustrated with, threw it one side, picked it up again, now its at last done, thinking about making????

Let's all have a look....

This week I was making a few designs of cars and bikes for different people - and as I finish their instructions etc I will be adding them to my shop too.

                             Vintage Cars -
Now I just have to make a Beetle (old and new one) too....

Motor Bike - 

 Muscle Cars - 

 Link your blocks and designs, Visit a few, Have some fun


Sew Surprising said...

Oh you have been so creative, these are great, and am sure will be super popular with so many :)

AlidaP said...

Love the Bettle! I just designed a similar (but more basic) block for my brother quilt few days ago, what a coincidence! I will keep those in mind for future projects ;)

SuperMomNoCape said...

I love all your paper pieced vehicles. Especially the muscle cars. My first car was a 1974 Dodge Charger. Oh how I loved that car!

Linda Wulf Koenig said...

Oh, these are TOO cool. I'm not letting my husband see them---he might get ideas. For me to quilt, I mean. LOL (I'm more of a nature gal, but I do LOVE that VW bus!)