Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WIP Wednesday

WOW! we have had no electricity this morning, soooo frustrating!

Today is our Forest Quilt A Long day! Yaay!

I must say that I am really enjoying putting this Art Quilt together. I think it's because of the freedom to do anything that came with it. There is still loads of structure, but the colour fabrics and choice to add any colour fabric anywhere is really enjoyable.

Lets get on with WEEK #7

This week there are not a lot of pieces to add to our Art Quilt, which sometimes is a good thing - when you have a hundred other things to finish....

As usual I wrote onto my pieces where I want my darker green fabric and which colour the flying geese were to be.

I decided on a darkish grey/purpleish background colour for the rest of my background.

Boom and there it is....
That went really quick!
 I decided to also sew my pieces together already, but just left a small gap where week 8 would join in.

The small gap is only about 2" (5cm) which will be enough for joining the other trees in next week.

You can just wait with yours if you feel you need to first join the week 8 - its okay! Whatever works for you.

Here we have week #7 finished and next to the other weeks. Im going to join mine together already, but you can wait if you would like.

I first sewed the white sky piece to the trees, then folded over the piece to lie on top of the section I didn't join last week to get a straight line and then joined the top of the geese to the tree piece.

(WOW, did that all make sense???)

Here you have my Art Quilt up to week #7. I'm eager to get on with week #8 already....

ALSO:    I have a small photo tutorial on how to manage the tricky angles in Paper Piecing

I'm going to be emailing everyone's pattern pieces right now....
Hope with me that the electricity holds.....


Anonymous said...

Got everything, thanks Janeen!

Yvonne said...

Love this QAL. All these fabulous little animals. Really cute. I have so many projects going on, that I did not want to start another one, but one day I will join one of your QAL's (or maybe make this one).