Monday, 18 May 2015

Mystery Block #6

Hello everyone! 
Today is our Mystery Block #6

This block is a little easier, but is soooo beautiful!

The block is again 6" (16cm) and is on the Intermediate Level.

As usual there is no image to work with - just the instruction sheet

Download your FREE block PDF Pattern - HERE

You can also link up your finished block on our Mystery Page

I hope you all enjoy this one too...

Thanks to everyone who gives it a go and sews along!


Link up Friday Winner:

I'm feeling in a good mood on a Monday!! - You can all win a free pattern
Let me know which one you would like.

Thank you all for linking up your amazing designs and blocks - they are all wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'd like the pumpkin mugrug pattern
gunna get started on this mystery piece ;)

Anonymous said...

HI Janeen,
I really like all our patterns but I really like the sunflower pattern. Thanks for being so generous. Enjoy your Monday. It is a holiday, here in Canada.


Trish said...

Thank you!! I love your patterns. I'd like the Sheep Dog pattern, please. Thank you again!

cjmont said...

i would like the arrows pattern.

beaquilter said...

intriguing free pattern, lots of browns, I might try it- well downloaded it anyways :)