Thursday, 3 September 2015

Beginner BOM September


Block #9 of the Beginner Paper Piecing geometric style quilt.....
WOW! we have at last got to the last block

 Block #9 is the center square of the quilt. The block measures 12" (31 cm) 

Here is the #9 LINKS block -

Luckily with this block we only make One

This block works the same as any other of the smaller or longer blocks.

You will print out your templates and arrange them all out in front of you.
Write onto the paper which colour fabrics you would like to use
Sew each of the templates up
Sew the pieces together to form the block

And TA-DAH! you're almost done!!
Now we sew all the rows together to form a quilt

When joining up your rows, watch out for which direction you're ironing your seams. Making them 'opposites' makes it easy to "nest" your rows. Also - watch out for the seams running vertically as you will need to match them up too.

You are welcome to play around with the layout of the quilt or you could just follow the original plan.

There is a Flickr group for Quilt Art Designs where you can link up a photo of your Beginner BOM Quilt and we can all see the progress being made. Thanks.
Look on the right side info bar of the blog and click on the Flickr button.

I love to see other's quilts - so please link up to Flickr or send me a photo. Thanks!

The quick links to the patterns are on 
the Beg BOM page HERE

Have fun making your quilts!



Sally said...

Love this block--may have to make lots for a scrappy quilt! Pattern says it's 10.5" which would fit with our 5.5" blocks....

Grantham Lynn said...

Love your block. I love paper piecing. I'll definately have to come back. Thanks for sharing!