Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lake Quilt A Long #10

It's almost there Ladies......

One last PUSH....

Don't give up now...

 Today we are busy with Week #10

We are then 3/4 done with this second half of the total Forest/Lake Art Quilt!!

Our photos (which are always amazing) are the courtesy of Karin Pope of the UK. Thanks so much for helping me out with these. XOXO.

Doctor's here - Lets get going then:

Today we really don't have a ton of work to do.

Cut out your templates and stick the larger one together with tape.
Lie them out onto your desk and plan which colour goes where.
Write onto the pattern and away we go....

The fabrics can be more colourful or batik - just as you like. This piece is of the plants at the bottom of the lake.
You can cut out strips of fabric or just keep a piece nearby that you have labeled.

and it's done. That quick!

Just stunning. I love the turquoise fabrics for the plant and the pop of red.

The seams can be ironed open to eliminate any bulk.
 Now you are ready to sew this week's piece to the rest of the third row.

Whoooah Nelly! Before you go running on ahead.
Its first time for a tea and to stand back and admire your row. It's simply stunning.

This is the finished third row - I told you it's stunning.
Now we need to sew the row to the other part of your Art Quilt. 
Be careful to match up points on the side of the quilt - tree edge and the water etc
Now you can start the party....
You're so close to the finish I'm sure you can taste it already.

Our finished 3/4 of the way Lake Quilt. WOW!
I think I could just sit and stare at it for hours....
Now hurry my minions, run along and sew, sew, sew....


There is a Flickr group for Quilt Art Designs where you can link up a photo of your Lake or even Forest Quilt and we can all see the progress being made. Thanks.
Look on the right side info bar of the blog and click on the Flickr button.

 ** If you missed the previous weeks blog posts on how we put it all together, you can find them in the Art Quilt page - under the image of the Forest or the Lake. Each of the 12 weeks will also be posted there for others who will make their quilt a little later....


The EQ Seasons Giveaways are all still open. If you haven't had a chance to toss your name into the hat, then scroll back on the blog to the 1 Sept. and DO IT NOW!

Have a Lovely Day!

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That looks so fantastic, waoh, beautiful job done!