Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Magazine Gallery Photos

Today I wanted to let you all see the amazing finished mini quilts and blocks made for me by a group of amazing women...

These finished items are all from the Paper Piecing 1/4" magazine - Issue #7. These women have kindly made the mini quilt or block from the magazine and then sent me a photo of their work.

I love every single one of them!!

Thank you for all your efforts, your time and sticking with me through all of the frozen shoulder, the early years of the magazine, the working on a deadline. I really appreciate all of you.

 These mini quilts - Kitty Deerest and the Cardinal Pair were made by Susie Zlogar of Susies Sunroom

The Yes Deer mini quilt and the Pilgrim Owl place mat were made by Lisa England

Rudolph at the window and the Little Star mini quilt were made by Yvonne ten Wolde

 This Pink Ribbon mini quilt was made by Jewel Shepherd

The Pine Cones mini was made by Rosa Ejapa of Rosa Patch

Thanks for all the photos of blocks and quilts you have made and sent me - I love to see them.

Anyone else made anything using the blocks from the magazine?
Then please send me a photo...


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Have a wonderful day!



legato1958 said...

They are all so cute! I want to make something more!!

Lady Bird said...

Amazing works!