Friday, 29 January 2016

Last Friday Link Up

Can you believe that January is over....already.....

The last Friday of the Month - so that means
Paper Piecing Link -Up

What have you been busy with this past month?
Link up your photos and let's all have a look...

My Woodlands Art Quilt is coming along.

Ive continued on and made the cute fox down on the ground between the trees and I'll probably make the deer and the squirrel on the week-end.

I did finish making all the BOM blocks etc so I'll have time to play!

 The cute 'lil queen bee is also done, so by Wednesday we can all get going on this cute Art Quilt.

Honey Bees Info HERE


Have a Great Week-End!

1 comment:

Ulrike said...

ONLY 3 more nights to sleep an the BEES will arrive YEAH ... snief and I have to wait until next weekend to sew the first part .