Monday, 1 February 2016

February Beginner BOM

Hello and Welcome!
Today we are busy with the February blocks

for Beginner Block of the Month

These blocks are really easy to put together and require the basic knowledge of how paper piecing works. The blocks were inspired by Susan Briscoe who designed the traditionally pieced blocks for her guild meetings.

For the month of February we need to make 2 blocks if we are going to have enough time to make all 16.

This is Feb Beg block #1

This is Feb Beg block #2

Both are very easy and quick to make.

As usual we start with cutting out our templates, and writing the names of the colour fabrics you have chosen onto the paper.

I have chosen a burnt orange for the accent colour in the block.

 Once you have made all 4 pieces, you can join them together to make your Feb BOM block.

When joining the top and bottom pieces make sure you line up the middle seam to get a good continuous line through the block.

 I pressed the seams to each side to eliminate too much of the bulk.

These are my finished blocks for January and February.

You will notice I changed my January block from the blue accent to the orange. Now I like it more....

There are 16 blocks in this BOM so we will have to make 2 blocks a month every second month.
This month has a second block which is also very easy to make.

  Follow the same procedure as with the first block and you will sew up the block in no time at all.

Only thing.....
dont copy mine on this one, I goofed and sewed the block in the wrong order.
The orange is not supposed to be on the top if you look at the pattern .....

Lesson here is that you need to follow the design page and not your head....
I'll remake mine when I get a little more time.

We should all have 3 blocks by now.

The patterns are Free for February.
 You can find both in my Craftsy shop.

There is a BOM page button on the right of the blog where you will find all the block of the month information. On each of these I will add the pattern with quick links too.

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