Monday, 7 March 2016

Bitty Block #3 - March


Today we go on with our 'Lil Bitty Blocks
For March we have a cute 4" 'lil Fox

I made my Fox with a patterned background - a scrap of fabric that I had left from another project and I just had to use it on something....

Only now I feel that I can't see the fox so clearly. Maybe the solid background would have been better..... I took a pen and made him an eye and coloured his nose in darker - only thing is that when I ironed him, the steam made the ink run. BWHAHAHAHA......He didn't take long to make, so I will just have to sit and make myself another one....

I hope you enjoy making your 'Lil Fox too.

The FREE pattern will be available in my Craftsy Shop.
I add them there, so that I can see how many of the blocks have been grabbed up.

January Seagull = 519
Feb Rose = 472

These lil blocks are really popular. 
Thanks you guys - its always great to see it written down like that.

More info on the Bitty blocks HERE

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legato1958 said...

What a cute lil fox! Thanks for this cute pattern!!