Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Honey Bees Art Quilt - Week 7 & 8

Today we will be discussing both weeks 7 & 8 on our Honey Bees quilt.
If we want to finish by the end of March, then this was the week to do both.

These pattern pieces are for the Bee Hive which is really not a lot of sewing - but again, a lot of puzzle work on piecing and sticking the corresponding pieces together.

Week #7 - From this photo you will get the layout of the top half
Write your colour choices into the sections and away you go.... 

Week 8:
The bottom half of the Hive -
From this photo you can see how the software broke the section down into what felt like a million little stupid pieces......
I first grouped them all according to the section number (BZ or BY)
The biggest piece CB is a top half and a bottom half then they get stuck together again....
I wrote little numbers in the seam allowance so that I could get some idea of what was going on.

This is Week #8 finished and can be sewn together with Week #7

I also decided to sew my pieces from Week 5 & 6 to the Hive piece but I did leave a gap of around 2 inches at the end where the last 2 weeks will join, and then I will sew the long seam under the branch closed.

I sewed the seam down past the queen bee to join the whole thing together too.

This is my Week 7 & 8 finished and connected to the other parts of my quilt.

You dont have to join yours yet, its really up to you .....

Its almost Done!! Now just the baby bee and its all finished.....

I hope you enjoy putting your cute bees together too...

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