Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mystery Block #3

Hello all!
We're back and it was heavenly to just be without any computers or phones for a while.
But now......

Its time to get back to sewing and we're busy with our Mystery Blocks.
March's block is very sweet and I hope you will all enjoy sewing it.

Today we are busy with our #3 = March in the "Symbolic Calendar" blocks.

This was Febrary's block - a Heart with swirls.....

The blocks are FREE and you can download them immediately from GDrive as a PDF.
Download #3 here...

I also have a Mystery Block page where I will keep all the old mystery blocks and quick links to the patterns that you might have missed.

A link up button will also be added to the page where you are welcome to send me a photo of your finished mystery blocks or add them to the Flickr Group page


 Thanks for stopping by!


beaquilter said...

I just finished the heart, it was really neat! time for #3 :)

Eunice Donges said...

For Mystery Block #3 (Mar), I have printed the color chart 3 times. On the computer screen, the colors look really blue but when I print, they come out looking like purples. I even printed with 2 different printers. Has anyone else had this problem? I am wondering if they are purple or blue?

Janeen van Niekerk said...

The colours for the #3 March block are Purples and not blues.
If its printing purple then that is correct.
Janeen :D

Eunice Donges said...

Thank you.