Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Week 5 - Honey Bee Art Quilt

Today we start on the top part of our Honey Bee Quilt....

I somehow forgot to take a photo of the pieces before I started.
Just remember to write your colour code or name onto the sections and all will be great.

The only thing that gave me a bit of a headache was the sticking together of all the small sections with their corresponding chums.....Its like putting a puzzle together....

I use tape to stick mine together, but sometimes it will stick and turn nasty with the ironing. You can use glue and wait for it to dry properly if you prefer.

This little bee with his thumbs up is so darn cute! His little curl on his head is actually a lighter colour fabric, but the camera doesn't seem to pick it up here. 

This is how far we are...

I didn't join the sections because we need to wait for the sections on the bottom to be finished first.
My design wall with batting is full of other blocks at the moment, so the Honey Bees had to be hung on the line I have going across the room.

I hope you enjoy putting your cute bees together too...

More Honey Bees Info HERE


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TheLadyWhisper said...

Oh No! I'm out of paper & have to wait before I can start on this section. I'll be MaKing a MaD RuSh to the LocaL QuiLt Shoppe as soon as they OPEN!

I'm enjoing this piece, Thank YOU!