Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lighthouse QAL Week #5

Hi there,
Its already Week #5 of the
Lighthouse Quilt A Long...

By now, your Art Quilts are comming along very nicely...

We are busy with the #5 on our Pattern Plan, so you can go ahead and cut out all your pattern pieces and stick them together with their corresponding numbers.
I just use selotape, but if you are afraid that it will stick to your iron, then glue the pieces. Just wait until it dries before sewing.

I had to photograph the pieces in 3 stages because the space on my desk is limited...
Once you get a good visual of what to do, then you can get started on sewing the sections.

Once all are done and you joined all the pieces - then this is our week #5 section.

 I joined the Week #4 and #5 together and then had to lay it on the floor to get a photo...

I also decided to join my top and bottom half together already - but I left a gap where they all come together.

This is my quilt top so far...I'm really getting excited to finish this one now.

As you can also see, I changed the 'greenish' fabric in the top to a darker shade of light blue and now I feel happier with it. Please feel free to change up any of the colours to something you are going to be happy with - I really don't mind.

I hope you are also enjoying your Lighthouse Art Quilt...


Have a Great Day!

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