Monday, 13 June 2016

Wonky Houses 8/21

Hello to everyone doing the Wonky Houses Quilt A Long

Its already day 8 of our journey. Lets see where we are already....

 This was our first week plan and it was to fit each day of the quilt a long.

Day 6 was on Saturday and this is what I was busy making...

 This is the section that I wanted to look like it was raining and I found this fabric that had little polka dots, so it had to get in too.

The section for Day 7 was on Sunday and it was the trees and clouds on the end of the row.

Thats when I discovered that I didn't have enough of the grey colour for the background - GRRRRR.... so I carried on with the blue sky behind the clouds. Not too bad.


Now we start with the second row of our QAL and its back to Day 1 (Monday)

The plan is to make the tree section and the roof of the house but only once Day 2 has been finished then we can sew everything together...

Write notes onto your pieces if you need to remember anything

The little windows are great places to find cute things to add to your Wonky Houses and Mr Fox was just perfect for this house.

This is Day 1 so far. I have to wait for the under parts of the house and then sew all the sections together.

Im going with snow in this row, so all my ground area will be white.

  Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop if you would like to make a few Wonky Houses along with all of us.... The pattern is super easy.


Have a Great Day!

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Yvonne said...

I like your fussy cutting. The houses really look great. This patterns is definitely on my wish list for when I finish my current projects.