Friday, 10 June 2016

Wonky Houses 5/21

Its Day #5 of our Wonky Houses Quilt A Long

 This was Day 4's piece - the roof of the house.

I have a box of scraps too small to really do anything meaningful with and just big enough that I feel I can't just throw them out....

I feel if I scratch through the scraps I'll eventually find something that I can use.
I found something that looks like rain...YAAY!, but no cute faces. I did find a cat tho'....

Here we have Day #5
Really not a lot of work...

I marked the sections that are windows and which were the background so that I didn't have to constantly run back to my instruction page.

I found 2 manequin dolls, so the house turned into a bit of a 'dress shop' and then once the block was finished I appliqued the shop sign onto the front.

Block 4 and 5 are then joined and the block can also be sewn to the rest of your row.

This is where I am right at this moment....
I didn't want to go on ahead, because I wanted to also feel that this was really not a ton of work on my shoulders. This QAL is very relaxed and taking a slow stroll towards the finish.

Monday will be the start of our new week in our QAL. Its advisable to cut out your Week 2 pattern pieces over the week-end and have them all lined up and ready to go.

Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop if you would like to make a few Wonky Houses along with all of us.... The pattern is super easy - so if you can even do an easy star, you can manage this.

You're welcome to link your Wonkies progress on the Link-Up today or you can just share something that you've made for all of us to have a look....


Have a Great Week-End!

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Ulrike said...

I LOOOOOVE this funny design , once again a great idea . Will be a really cute blanket for children.
And it is really a great thing that you added coloured numbers on the pattern, makes it super easy going .
Should need much more time to sew all your wonderful designs!