Monday, 20 June 2016

Wonky Houses QAL 15/21

Hello Everyone.... from Everywhere!!

Today we are on the start of our
Wonky Houses Quilt A Long Third Week....

This was the end of the second week (days 6 and 7)

 I didn't have enough of the grey polka dots fabric, so I had to improvise and make a smoke cloud coming out of the chimney on the last house.

They're probably the only warm ones on this street....

I also joined the two rows together and pulled out most of the paper. I did leave the paper on the ends so that I can match up the seams on the third row.

Third Week (Pieces CC - CY)

This is our third week plan... Its just as wonky as the houses.
I tried to divide up the sections into 7 days, but it really only fits 6 days.
We can use the 7th day to finish up or even add a border if you would like.

Day 1:
  Again, not a lot of work. We need to make the tree for day 1. I wanted mine to have a night time look, but the dark fabric was all I had, so it will have to do for night sky. There's just loads of stars out.....
I hope you all have fun sewing your block together too...

Have a Great Monday!

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legato1958 said...

It is turning out so cute and fun,Janeen! Love your little houses in this fun little neighborhood !!