Monday, 5 September 2016

Noah's Ark QaL Week 4

Hello to everyone who has joined in with the
Noah's Ark Quilt A Long...

Today we are discussing the piece for Week 4
You will need to find pattern pieces AL to AZ and BA

Here is our Weekly plan and you can see that Week 4 is the head of the second Giraffe.

Somehow in all the craziness while planning and colouring the design, I must have tried to simplify the amount of colours and then changed the giraffe's colours to another number. You will see a difference in the colour numbering and the numbering on the pattern pieces. Not to worry!!!
Just make the giraffe's colouring what you have in your fabrics. The orange-ish blocks that he has on his neck are the same as the smaller giraffe, so is his nose. The only thing you will decide is which colour to make his face and neck.

If you change up your colour choices its all okay! I don't mind.

I like to lay the pieces out like a large paper puzzle in front of me and make notes onto the paper before I start.
This way I also get a good visual of which pieces need to join together.
Once I've sewn all the sepparate pieces, I start joining them and Im still always excited to see the little face starting to form in the fabrics.

This is the photo of Week 4 sent to me by Ulrike Brandl of Germany.
Isn't he just too cute!

Thanks Ulrike, I just love to see your progress in this project each week.

This week we don't join the piece to anything just yet.

I hope you have fun making this cute Giraffe too.

If you would like to join us for the Noah's Ark QAL then you are most welcome. 

** The pattern can be found here and there is no charge for joining in...


We will be doing our Bitty Block tomorrow.....
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Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday...

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