Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Noah's Ark Quilt A Long

Today we are going on with the
Noah's Ark Quilt a Long 
Week #9

I think we all need to just do something else for a while......
the Craftsy Tsunami of confusion is really getting to everyone......

Time for some cutness overload....

You will need pattern pieces: ED - EZ

Join any pieces that are 'sepparated' to their corresponding numbers with tape or glue before you begin sewing. Just be really careful when ironing that you dont go over the tape because it tends to get sticky quickly and then stick to the iron......

I just love this little Tiger, he's so sweet!!
The photos are from Ulrike Brandl of Germany and you can see how her art quilt came together so well. The fabrics are also very cute. Those batiks made me think the Tiger's ear was sparkly and also the Crocodile behind him, but its just the pattern of the fabric. Really cool!!

To hold those pesky pieces together so that they don't move around, you can use your clips that are used for the binding. They hold things together really well.

Once you have finished the Tiger, you can join the section to all his chums....
Its sooooo sweet! I just love your quilt top Ulrike. So beautiful!!

Now I'm off to try and make sense of my Craftsy shop and also to go on with setting up my own pattern shop.... wish me luck!!

I hope you're all still on track and enjoying this cute quilt top.

Quick link to the Noah's Ark Pattern in Craftsy = HERE....


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legato1958 said...

Ulrike's quilt top is looking sooooo adorable! This is such a cute pattern!
Good luck setting up your shop.