Thursday, 2 March 2017

Landscape QAL news

Hi there

Its Landscape QAL time....

I've slowly progressed about a half a block.....
it happens.....

The new Landscape #2 will be available on 16 March. I have until then to complete this row......


Now, I need to show this information to you as well.....a lot of questions were coming up on the fabrics.

This is actually the BOM Baby bear's fabric info, but it will work for all patterns too.

This is the fabric info you get in your pattern.
It will show a colour block with a number (#2) 

The large design and colour guide will clearly show its the background. I have it as sky, but you're welcome to change that to whatever you like.

Look at #6. It shows the colour (medium darkish brown). It gives its colour number - the same as on the colour guide. Then it gives how many times it found that colour used in the pattern (useless info) and then it says Fabric 4in. - this is how much fabric you need. The software works this out in a strip of fabric that was 43" (about 130cm) wide. Even if you only needed the one small scrap of that colour it would still tell you it needs a strip. 

For the Bear, I think colour #5 and colour #8 are exactly the same. The software detects a millimeter of difference and it makes it a new colour. Still, its up to you to choose whichever colour fabric you like.

You can always cut a small 1" (2cm) scrap and stick it to that colour block to make yourself a 'key' for referencing when sewing.

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