Wednesday, 1 March 2017

March Block of the Month

Hello everyone!

bad few days behind me, but mom's don't get sick? do they....
all good now.

Its time for the Block of the Month for March..... already....

Its Wild Babies time!

This month we have a super cute 'lil Bear cub
Our block was tested by Tammy Howell of the USA. 
Thanks so much once again. He's adorable!

I had to show you this close up photo of his face. Its so dang cute!
Those fabrics are so spot on too.

The block measures 16" (41cm) and is on the Intermediate Level.

I hope you all have loads of fun making this one.

 Here's the completed block. Oh so sweet!

I wanted to also talk briefly about this image that I include in the instructions package.

Once I have designed the block and sorted out the numbering, this is what I am left with.
It shows how the pattern pieces fit together.

If you look at it  you will see the bear in between all the numbers.
This is the 'map' of the pattern and how I got the instructions from it to sew the pattern together.

Some of you dont really  need it at all, but others like to see where each piece fits the other. Its a pity the software cant give this to us in reverse to see the side we will sew, but this works too...

Now it's your turn to go and get your Bear baby and see what amazing things you can come up with...

Pattern for March is FREE and is in my Craftsy Shop

I hope you all enjoy sewing the block!


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KMTrott said...

Thank you for another lovely block :) I wondered about the colored/numbered bit of the patterns, thanks for the clarification.

Lori said...

oh my goodness, this little guy is soooo adorable. thank you for another baby block

Kathy said...

Thank you for another fabulous pattern, this little bear is adorable!

Yvonne said...

What a lovely little bear! Really adorable.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable!

works4me said...

That is so sweet. Thank you for another great pattern. I love Tammy's version. She did a wonderful job.

CathyQuilts said...

This baby bear is ADORABLE! Thank you so much for your creative generosity

Verov94 said...

Après recherche, je n'ai trouvé le patron du bébé ours dans la boutique artisanale.
J'attends de vos nouvelles car j'envisage de faire ce patch.
Bonne journée de France.

Roxanne Ludwig said...

Love this bear, I am excited to get started on it. I see the block of the giraffe baby as the bom photo. I am hoping you include that with these babies as that is my adopted grandmas favorite animal baby. All your designs are so wonderfully done.

LaStitches (Faith Pesson) said...

Thanks so much for the explanation of the image of the pattern. I have wondered if I really needed to print them and now I understand why I couldn't relate them to the block (image reversed)! Love your patterns! Thanks!!

Roxanne Ludwig said...

I made this little cutie and it turned out great. I made only one little flaw ( which I know exactly how it happened )but I don't think I will fix it. Unless of course it bothers me every time I look at it. Thanks for such a fun and cute block.