Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Start of the Watermelon sew a long

Hi there everyone...

Today we begin the Watermelon sew a long.
It shouldn't even take that long... the pattern is really super easy.

There are 8 rows with 8 blocks = 64 blocks in total.

I started the first rows to show you all how it would work.
You don't have to wait for me or anything - you can get going on your top just as you like.

Here's the start on my top.

I'm going to make the top row by row but only sew 4 of them together and then the 4 rows.
So I'll end up with 4 large blocks of 4x4 blocks.
Im only doing this because I have a small sewing machine and having too many blocks under the needle is bulky.

Afterwards I'll sew those together and whala... it will be done...

I wanted to show you all this seam on the block. The white arrow shows towards the seam.  It shows a new section but is the same colour fabric.

You need to make it a seam even tho' its the same, because you want those lines of the slices to be visible.

Don't make it all one section because they're the same colour fabric.
That's it.... I hope you all have loads of fun making the Watermelon. Be sure to post some photos to the Facebook page. I love to see how you're all doing. Thanks.

And that's what we have going on today....
I'm hoping to have my top finished by the first week in June - which is around 3 weeks to work on this one. It could go faster, but I also have to finish a few blocks I'm planning.
I want to make a Wonky Vans quilt, so I'm drawing up some weird looking caravans...

The Watermelon pattern can be found in my Craftsy shop right here...<<<

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I've started a QA Designs Group  on Facebook where you are welcome to join and add any of your finished blocks made with the QADesigns patterns. I really love to see them all.
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1 comment:

CJ Jolly said...

I have row one all done & together... no problems.
& I have all the blocks made for rows 2, 7 & 8... ready to piece together!

I'll post pictures soon... going together nicely.
CJ Jolly