Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Wonky Vans Wednesday...

Hi there everyone...

I wanted to show how far these Wonky Vans have gone, it seems the ideas for making a center is never ending.

This is the 'Border' part of the Wonky Vans and measures 56x60" (143x153cm). I changed the size so that the borders all round are 12" wide.

This is the Lake center.

They all measures 32x36"

This is the Beach center

Each has wonky camping elements that are a little exaggerated.

Even though the trees on the border are more triangle shaped, the wonky van still need to drive around to get to the sea...

Some people love the mountains and others love the ocean.

Me - I love the wild and the animals. hmmm maybe another idea...

This one has cabins and campgrounds.

I changed the sky part to a dark blue and it looked like the night with the moon behind a cloud. Just as cute...

This way you get to choose which ever center you like to go with those racing Wonky Vans on the border.

I've added the Borders to my Craftsy shop while I work on the details and instructions of the center blocks. I've even made sure that it prints to a Letter size page.

You can find the Wonky Vans Border pattern here in my Craftsy shop.....<<<<<

Have a Great Wednesday!!


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Skootchover said...

These are just so cute! Thank you for making the letter size printing available!

Tammy said...

I love these!

Susan said...

How adorable all your caravans are! I would have a hard time picking among the three centers myself, and then there are so many other places my husband and I camped over the years! Actually, I don't think we ever went to a beach, but we were lakeside a few times! Simply beautiful things you are creating.

sandy said...

difficile de faire un choix, ils sont tous très bien !