Friday, 17 August 2018

Friday.... thank heavens!!

Hello everyone!
Thank heavens its Friday today. I can do with something that makes me a little happy!

Designing and finishing all the Festive season patterns is done and they're off to the testers now... I can only hope everyone likes them.
Every year I seem to sit with the same problem - How many trees or santa faces or candles can you really make before they are all just the same thing?? I hope these are still in the 'oh they're so cute' department.

Here's a look at what you can expect in the next issue of Paper Piecing 1/4" magazine that comes out in October. (more info here:

The Festive season blocks are all 10" (26cm) with the center block at 20" (52cm).

The Halloween blocks are the same with the Old Stove at 20" and the rest at 10"

The October women's month block is smaller and measures 5x8" (postcard size) and the Thanksgiving Sunflower block is 16"
I'm hoping that it's something for everyone!!


For today tho'.....

We carry on with out Folk Art Blocks....
I really hope you've been collecting all of them.... by now we have around 11 Folk Art blocks...

Today is the turn of Mr Wolf. He's something of an opera star. His songs and arias can be heard all over the forest. Some would even say it gives them a cold shiver when they hear it.....

This block measure 12" (31cm) and is on the easy intermediate level.

You can grab your FREE block right HERE.....<<<<<<

I hope you all have a great Week-end!!


I've started a QA Designs Group  on Facebook where you are welcome to join and add any of your finished blocks made with the QADesigns patterns. I really love to see them all.
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Lori said...

Yahh for Friday. Thank you for this singing wolf. He is so cute. Oh we will love the patterns coming out on the 1/4 inch. I know I do. Thank you for testing and doing the magazine for all of us. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend

Susan said...

Thank you for the "operatic" wolf. Have a great weekend.

Kelley said...

Awesome patterns! Question, do you think you'll ever create the cat on the broom and the legs from last years halloween BOM? I really love them!