Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Rabbit Week - Part 2

Hi there everyone!

Wow, a little late today. I forgot my daughter was coming over this morning and we had to sort out her old room and pack the things she still wants, make piles of donate and throw out - so that took all morning. Done now, so that's another one to mark off on the huge list of "to do's".

Don't let anyone tell you moving is fun or exciting or anything enjoyable. It isn't!!!
The amount of throw out has grown considerably and the donate it pile too. Only thing is now to decide where to take it all.

Today we go on with Rabbit Week....

I've made 2 other Retro Rabbits (both are 10" - 26cm) and they're both really easy intermediate level.

This one was running so fast you couldn't even get a decent photo pose.

Very retro....

All patterns are available in my shop under the Animals>>>Farm animals category.

This cutie has had his tail manicured so he's showing it off a little.

This Cute Rabbits pattern is actually an old one that I re-worked and made a little 'better'. It measures 12" (31cm) and is also really a easy-ish intermediate level pattern.

I'm going to be house sitting and looking after my fur-grands for the long week-end. 
I'll be back by Tuesday.

Have a wonderful Resurrection Week-End!!



CJ Jolly said...

Thank you...
Luv The Bunnies!!!

Moving is no fun butt you'll feel good in your new place once all is done.

ReLax, enjoy the FurBabies & have a Lovely WkEnd.

Susan said...

Enjoy your weekend, and may you be blessed with all you need.

sketchrs said...

Thank you for the lovely patterns you created, Janeen.
Have a wonderful, blessed Easter weekend and enjoy the fur-grands.