Friday, 21 June 2019

Friday's News

Hello there everyone
Im still busy with my Daisy Quilt - so here are a few more tidbits...

I've managed to finish the first row and then had to stop for a bit...
My back was aching so much I felt like crying
I've been to the Dr but that helped me about as much as a hole in my head!!
They shrug their shoulders and tell me its probably a nerve.... so who knows.
I just have to lie down flat and once its calmed down, I can carry on with whatever is screaming the loudest.

and then....

My husband got a head cold this past week... (insert horrible psycho chilling killer music here....)

and I couldn't run away...
even tho' I wanted to  - really badly...

but, Today is Friday
so I have hope! and it seems like a good day to try and sew a few more blocks.

I wanted to also talk about doing the flower.
You can always yank out the sections that make up the flower and do them first, but somehow that makes me feel anxious -  so I'm sticking to the rows and will get the the flower pieces as the come past.

I've decided to only have very few colour options on the flower and number them on the pieces so that when I do find pieces that line up, they will get the same colour number.

Now for another thing

After completing the first row, it looked short and I thought I needed another block on the end, but I looked at the design guide and it was right the way I had it. BUT it still only measured 38" . I went back to the pattern on the software, and the size says its 40" -  #$%^!!
Quite frankly I have no idea. The pattern says one thing but the sewn item says another.
But not to worry, its still all fine. I'll add a border at the end anyway and all will be fine.

If you'd like to join in - the pattern in in my shop in the String Quilts  OR  Flowers category.

Have a great week-end!


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Lori Smanski said...

wow your first row is lovely.
hope you and your husband are well soon.
you have got this. take your time.

Jen Barnard said...

Maybe you accidentally printed with "fit to page" selected?

CJ Jolly said...

Wishing you well... a bad/sore back is never any fun... please do take care.
& Good Luck with the sick man in your life... they always seem to need a bit more "extra attention" when they're not feeling well. *wink

Your 1st row fabric/colors are great!!!
I plan to keep my flower more one color, too...
I think???

(The fabric fairies are still picking out mine.) LOL

Joan W. said...

I'm sure the stress of the magazine coming out soon has NOTHING to do with it