Saturday, 1 February 2020

February Block of the Month

Hello everyone!

Today I'm really happy that we have electricity. These days they (Evkom) can put off the power any time they choose and you sit and wait. Paid or not, they have this convenient excuse about there not being enough power for everyone...

On with the show!
Today we have 2 lovelies to show...

First up is the new
Koalas Pattern (24" - 62cm) and will be this months contribution pattern to go to the Aussie Wildlife Rescue (WIRES).
The Kangaroo will still be in my shop.

On this pattern I will be donating $4 and keeping $2. Paypal takes a portion of every sale and I paid over the Kangaroo monies in full by adding that fee back again out of my own pocket.

For the Kangaroo - In January we sold 235 patterns and made $1880 that we sent to WIRES. Thank you to everyone who participated. You Rock!!

Now for the Second show and tell...
This is the February Block of the Month

This is a 'Nagapie' or also known as a Bushbaby. There was already a B so it had to go under its Afrikaans name. Directly translated it means - Night Monkey.

All the alphabet letters are on their own section of the pattern. If you choose not to add the letter, then just make that section a solid colour.

Our cute sewn up block was made by Joan Wintersgill of Texas. 
Thank you!! its wonderful. I love this cute 'lil guy!

The BOM is free for the month it is released and can be found in my shop. If you've missed any they are in the BOM blocks category in the shop where you can pay their bail.

You can find the Nagapie in my Online Shop.


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Caroline said...

What cuties! Thank you for the BOM, it is lovely

Silvana said...


Ronelle said...

I LOVE Nagapies - they are one of my favorite animals and so much fun to watch at night. Thank you for the lovely block, Janeen.

The Koala bears are also just TOO cute. Thank you again for your effort and for giving us the opportunity to also contribute to WIRES.

Lori Smanski said...

Thank you for both patterns. Thank you for helping us all support the fires.