Monday, 4 January 2021

Amazing Animals Alphabet


Hello everyone

Today sees the additional blocks that are the 
end of the Amazing and Odd Animal Alphabet

Over the past 2 years we have seen a lot of odd animals who never make it onto the Alphabet blocks.

Each year you received 12 free blocks which then ended the Block of the Month on Block X
so today we have the 2 last letters of the Alphabet - Y and Z

First up for Y we have a Yak. A large Asian buffalo of sorts. I wish they took this photo with a person next to it, so that we would have had a size comparison. That head..... looks huge!

Our pattern measures 12" (31cm)

For the last letter of the alphabet we have a Zorilla
or a 'striped pole cat'.
I imagine this one gets confused with a Skunk pretty often.

These 2 are additional blocks and can be found in the Online shop for January.
You can get your Yak and Zorilla  block from my Online Shop


The Magazine Subscriptions

I've decided to have the magazine subscriptions work from the online shop too. 

Its because I sit for days sending out emails to everyone so that they can get the link to the latest issue 
but from the shop they can get everything right away. Saves me a LOT of time.

If you have already paid for your subscription from July 2020 onwards, then I will still send out your issues by email until your cycle of 4 magazines is over. No problem.
The Issue 28 has already been sent out to those who have an active account.

Any person who has a subscription that would renew from January to June 2021 can go to the shop and start their subscription again from there.
I would have just moved it for you, but I can't approve it in your paypal account.

All the old subscriptions that worked through my paypal account were cancelled and closed. 

Thanks for understanding. I really hope you'll join me again
Issue 28 is available and waiting for you.

I've made the subscription price down to $30 for the year and there's a 
coupon for 10% off in January too. (code - New2021)


Lori said...

Thank you. This has been fun learning about these different and amazing animals. Happy New Year to you. May it be full of laughter and love and health.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all these amazing animals! It's been a length trip and these last two are great.