Tuesday, 1 June 2021

June BoM, QaL, CLUB


Hello everyone!
Wow, it's June already. 

We start off this month with our Block of the Month - Dogs block
For June we have a cute little Western Highland Terrier or more affectionately known as a Westie.

This cute guy looks like his name should be Teddie Westside.... 

Our block measures 12" (31cm) and is on the intermediate level.

We now have all our smaller dogs and will be moving on to the 6 larger dogs from July. There are just too many dogs out there.... to choose the 12 I love is really hard. Who's in and who's out is not as easy as you think.
You can adopt your Westie from my Online Shop.


This is our 3rd Cat in the Cat's QaL.

Here we have a cute geometric cat reaching up to grab something. Most times its your leg and they want their 'fishy' right now. Right NOW!!

Another great pattern to use up all those scraps! An easy pattern that measures 14x18" (36x47cm)

You can find the pattern in my online shop - Here


Third on our list today

The CLUB has new downloads!!!

For June we have a new Modern block (24") a ball or bubble rising up out of the fabric and a Toucan bird Nature block (16")

This is our collection of patterns we have gathered in the CLUB this year (started in Feb.) 
The 'birthday' block or the 'mid year' block (the wooden puzzle 10") I will email to those who belong to the club in the coming week.
The software didn't have an option of sending a block on your birthday, so now I'm doing it this way.

This CLUB is a subscription group that you can belong to
where we will be making modern blocks, random animals and birds, have a block swap and generally loads of fun. Emails are sent with the links to your new patterns.

Older months blocks (Back issues of patterns) can be gotten from me directly for $12 per month you need. You will need to be part of the club to get them tho'

The subscription will be US$12 per month for as long as you like.

Join up to the CLUB at -  Quilt Art Design Pattern Shop -


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