Thursday, 1 July 2021

July - already!


Hello everyone!
Its already July and time for more Dog blocks.

This month will be different tho'

I need your help...
This is a photo of my mom (Elizabeth) and her brother John 
My mom was 87 the other day and said she wasn't feeling so great.
After a week of lying in bed and visibly declining 
my mom died on Monday 28 June.

The problem is her funeral and costs will be R20 000 and I don't have it.
So Im asking that you please buy the Block of the Month for $1 so that I can 
somehow make up some of that money. 

Thank you for understanding.

This is the Block of the Month for July.
Its an Alsatian and really just seems fitting as both of them loved these dogs.

You can adopt your Alsatian for $1 from my Online Shop.

The Cats Quilt a Long pattern, The CLUB patterns and the New Issue #30 
will also all be in my online shop.


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