Sunday, 1 August 2021

August News

 Hello everyone!

Im hoping you're all well. I've come through this horrible covid and feeling loads better. Just this stupid cough that I can't shake.

Thank you to everyone who was so incredible and kind during this past month. I really appreciate all of you helping me out, sending me such beautiful messages and condolences. 

I sold 246 dog blocks this past month with some of you purchasing multiples of the block and then some. Thank you! Thank you!

Asking people to pay a mere $1 for the dog block seems to have grieved some because our free blocks went out at 988 in January and have come down to an average of 650 in each of the other months. I was also sent messages and notes about how "extremely unfair" and other things I was being.....

This month we have another in our DOGS blocks.

This is a Boxer and measures 12" (31cm)

Don't you just love those head tilts they do


Our line up so far this year.

The Boxer will also be part of the $1 blocks. Thanks.
For those who feel this is so outrageous that you cannot support me with this, its all good. 

You can adopt your Boxer for $1 from my Online Shop.


So far we had 4 cat blocks - and now... We have our 5th
A cute as can be  - it's a Cat Gang (14x18")

This is our line up so far...

You can find your cute Cat Gang HERE in my shop.


This months CLUB patterns
The Modern block (24") is a Beagle and the Nature block (16") is a Lotus flower.

Our year so far...

Your subscription will renew for you on the day you started it and you can either go to the subscriptions/ downloads and find them or through the email links.

Remember to download and save them because they're taken down and replaced with the new blocks each end of the month.


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