Monday, 13 December 2021

12 Days Finale!


Hello to all fellow Sugar Cookie Enthusiasts!

Today is the last day of our
12 Days of Christmas 2021
'Sugar Cookies' Edition

This is the center block of the Sugar Cookies Mini Quilt / Wall hanging / Table Decoration.

The Gingerbread House Cookie block measures 16" (42 cm) 
and is also on the easier side of Intermediate level.

I have loved each of these cute cookie blocks and I hope you all have too.

You can find your warm Gingerbread House Sugar Cookie
for $4 in my Online Shop.


Before we run off....

I want to talk about the 
Gingerbread Village EBook

This was a 12 Days event we made in 2016
It was an event that Marian Pena from Seams to be Sew and I worked on together
and presented it as a joint project.

I made the Village background and she made the Gingerbread Men to go with the village.

After Marian passed away in March 2021, it just seemed to hang in limbo about how this was going to  work now. I have since seen that her shop has been completely closed down and now this half of our project is hanging in the air. I've tried to find any of her patterns etc. but it seems they are all down now too.

I have decided that I am going to add Marian's half of the project to my Gingerbread Village EBook as a free 'add on' to complete the quilt. The price of the EBook is only for my patterns and the Applique gingerbread men that Marian made are a Free Add On with it.

If you have purchased my Gingerbread Village in this past year (2021) only!! then you can contact me about getting the Gingerbread Men to go with the EBook. ( )
I can look up your purchase in my shop and then send you the Add On.


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