Saturday, 1 January 2022

Happy New Year!


Hello! and Happy New Year 2022!! 

I hope this year you are all blessed and have tons of time to sew!

This year we will be making Dinosaurs!! Yaaaay!

First up we have a Zuniceratops
The pattern measures 12x16"

Did you know that the word 'Ceratops' means horns on the head...
hmmm, now I know too...

You can adopt your Dinosaur for $1 from my Online Shop.
The small fee goes towards feeding all the animals.... thanks!

*** A lot of people ask me why the $1 for the block and all I can say is that I also need 
to support my family after both my sons lost their jobs during covid lockdowns and 
everyone is back here at home with mom. 


Welcome back to Quilt Club 2022

This year we have a new start up block (Pig) and
the Quarterly block (Elephant) will continue with our African wild animals.

The 24" Modern block is a Pop Art Portrait (PAP) of Lovebirds
and the 16" Nature block is a cute Ladybug.

Each of the Modern Blocks will be made in the PAP style this year.

This CLUB is a subscription group that you can belong to
where we will be making modern blocks, random animals and birds, have a block swap and generally loads of fun.

Older months blocks (Back issues of patterns) can be gotten from me directly for $12 per month you need. You will need to be part of the club to get them tho'

Issue #32
Paper Piecing Digital Magazine

Our Forest Silhouette Issue 32 is available in the Online Shop

You can get a Quarterly Subscription to the magazine where 
the links will be emailed to you


you can buy a single issue to the Magazine


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