Sunday, 1 May 2022

May News


Hello Everyone

From today (1 May 2022) we are going to be doing things in the shop a little differently.

I have decided that all the subscriptions will be ended. I have cancelled all the paypal subscriptions already. The add on feature for subscriptions in the shop just will not work properly!!! and I pay so much to have that feature and the IT guys can't get it to work - SO -

NO more subscriptions!!

I will still make the magazine and the Club Patterns as usual, but you will get them through the shop as a single item. 

I'm really sorry if that throws a spanner into the engine but I have had so much stress with these issues in the shop and I feel I need to simplify things for all concerned.

Thank you  



First up we have the 

Block of the Month for May

Its a Stegosaurus

Here's a look at our motley crew so far.... 

You can adopt your Dinosaur for $1 from my Online Shop.

The small fee goes towards feeding all the animals there.... thanks!


Club Patterns

Club is now an open 'group' where anyone who would like
to buy the monthly patterns is welcome

There is a category (part of the pull down menu on top bar) in the shop 
called "Club Monthly" where you will 
find that particular month's patterns.

The Rhino is part of the quarterly blocks (12")
The Bear measures 16"
The Dragonfly measures 24"

Older patterns from 2021 also has a category where you can get the last year's club patterns.

You can find them all right HERE


Issue #33 is also available in the shop now

Our 'nod' to the honey bees has a quirky twist that I'm sure everyone will love.
The little gnome bees are hard at work..

Take a look at the flip book -

Our Honey Bees Issue 33 is available in the Online Shop
NO more subscriptions on a quarterly basis. 
The feature didn't work and wouldn't send out a link 

The magazine will now be a product you can buy directly in the shop whenever you like.


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